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Ham Law finds solutions not obstacles: what to do and what not to do—and why. We know contracts, copyrights, ownership rights, and trade secrets; and we have four decades experience solving real world problems that extend far beyond the stage.

  • Are endorsement contracts marital property?
  • Are songs, books, copyrights, trademarks, band names marital property?
  • What happens if there is a fire in your apartment while on tour?
  • Who owns the copyright in a new song or book?
  • What does our band own?
  • Are we all liable for what our band members do?
  • What IS the band? A partnership? Corporation? LLC?
  • What is an LLC and what does it cost?
  • Who owns our band, tour, festival, publishing company?
  • Who owns our name, our songs, our royalties?
  • What happens if your band breaks up—what are your rights?
  • What does one departing band member continue to own?