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Don't Let Legal Issues Upstage Your Career

Ham Law understands music law and issues from a personal and professional perspective. We know entertainment law, but we also know the entertainment business. Whether working on stage, back stage, or behind the scenes for clubs or promoters, dealing with every problem from bookings to tours, costumes, and getting paid, we know the business from the ground up and the top down.

We represent a variety of musicians and other music professionals including agents, investors, radio personalities and more. We can help publish, distribute, and protect musical works, and will answer such questions as:

  • Who owns the rights to a song—the creator, publisher, artist, label, or band?
  • Who owns or controls an artist’s band and its creations?
  • Should a band be a partnership, corporation, or LLC?
  • How do I negotiate with a promoter or recording label?
  • How can I protect the name of my band, song, festival, or label?
  • When do I need a patent, copyright or trademark?