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Ham Law Attends Dale Watson and Ray Benson, Live at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music

By Carla Ham
Posted January 24, 2017

Long time friends Dale Watson and Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel) headed to the stage, promoting their very first album together, “Dale and Ray.” Backed by Dale Watson’s famous Lone Stars, the Texans lit up the Old Town School of Folk Music Saturday night “Channeling from the likes of Willie and Merle, The Louvin Brothers, Buck Owens and Don Rich” (Dalewatson.com). In addition to wooing the crowd with songs both new and old, along with Dale’s signature Lone Star jingles, another homage took front and center, resulting in roaring laughter and applause from the crowd: Dale and Ray showcased the latest T-shirts to hit their merch booth, each featuring one significant distinction – while the front of both T-shirts read “Dale & Ray,” the back of Dale’s shirt read “I like to drink Lone Star…” while Ray’s, naturally, read “I like to smoke pot…”

Special thanks to Dale Watson for his shout-out onstage to Ham Law Firm.  It goes without saying, that was one of the highlights of our night!

“Dale and Ray,” released January 2017, along with the T-shirts mentioned above and other merchandise can be found on iTunes and store.asleepatthewheel.com. 



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